My Art Is My Story

I am Alley and I create Art…

Allison S. Adams. Artist.

Art flips the switch between my ‘organized’ and my ‘chaos’.
It opens up the path that leads to my journey within.
I am free to connect with my most inner thoughts and feelings.
In my safe place of solitude, there is no judgment… only time.
That is where I get to figure things out on my own.


“When one day I no longer roam the earth,
I would like to be remembered as the girl
who did what she loved.
And where she loved, she loved hard.
She leaves with no regrets, only smiles.”
~ Allison S. Adams

I put broken pieces together to tell my story.

Allison S. Adams working on ‘Wine up the hill’, 2017.

Memories and all things dear to me set off my design process.
My state of mind determines my cuts and directions.
I shape my pieces until it feels just right.
Every single one is there for a reason.
No two are the same, yet there is a purpose for each.
My lines are as raw as the emotions that guide my hands.
Almost organic of nature.
My finish is imperfectly perfect. Just like my world.


Inspired by the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi,
I strive to be the change I want to see in this world.

I have a story to tell. A girl to find. Emotions to unearth. My art is my outward expression to the journey within. It keeps me alive. With it I grow. And I find my words again.


I am Alley and I create Art…
… because it helps me to better understand
the person I would like to become.

Raw. Untainted. Unfiltered.
View my art HERE.


Allison Samantha Adams is a qualified winemaker and self-taught artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more